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What Delta Ag Does Differently

What Delta Ag Does Differently Because the hemp industry has grown immensely and branched out in unexpected ways in just the few years since hemp production was federally legalized, we’re often asked: What does Delta Ag do differently? It’s a worthwhile question, and the answers reflect the

Hemp 101

Hemp 101: A primer on nature’s most amazing plant The hemp plant is one of nature’s true miracles. Few plants can be harnessed to make such a diverse range of products that are critical to everyday life. And no mass-produced crop has even a fraction of the

History of Hemp

History of Hemp From paper to rope, clothing to cosmetics, and biofuel to plastics -- hemp has the potential to change the face of raw goods manufacturing forever. It makes one wonder why it’s taken so long for the modern global economy to take advantage of its


Whether you are a producer considering hemp farming, a retail company looking to source your goods with hemp, or a company actively seeking ways to considerably reduce your carbon footprint, we want to talk to you.


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