D elta Agriculture President Graham Owens recently joined fellow members of the National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC) in Louisville, Kentucky to participate in a series of discussions with state regulators during the annual meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA).

The meetings generated important feedback from state regulators regarding state hemp programs they have been administering since the implementation of the hemp pilot programs established in the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills. The issues discussed will help NIHC inform federal policymakers, specifically U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee staff, as they begin developing the next Farm Bill which is expected to be enacted in 2023.

“What Delta Ag and NIHC heard was more consistency is needed throughout the country as states continue to regulate their hemp programs,” said Graham Owens, President of Delta Agriculture. “While licensing programs and the regulatory regime vary from state-to-state, these conversations made clear that more infrastructure is needed for hemp fiber and grain processing Delta Ag has a proven track record of building those vertically integrated supply chains that uniquely positions us to best fill that role.”

“These conversations made clear that more infrastructure is needed for hemp fiber and grain processing and Delta Ag has a proven track record that uniquely positions us to best fill that role.”

— Graham Owens, President

Owens, who serves as NIHC Government Affairs Committee Co-chair, joined in meetings with regulators from Wisconsin, Vermont, Alaska, Virginia, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland and California.

“Fiber and grain are important parts of the hemp economy,” said Patrick Atagi, President and CEO of the National Industrial Hemp Council. “Hemp is climate-smart agriculture and its utility is endless. Automobile manufacturing, textiles, and animal feed are just a few ways hemp can reduce our carbon footprint, put Americans back to work and prime the pump for our economic recovery. We’re thankful that Delta Ag is joining NIHC in this important work as we work together to literally grow America’s future.”

Delta Agriculture will again join NIHC leaders at the Hemp Business Summit in Washington, D.C. November 14-16 where members, industry stakeholders and regulators will gather to continue engaging in discussions important to the future growth and success of the U.S. hemp industry. Delta Agriculture CEO George Overbey will participate as a featured speaker.

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About Delta Agriculture
Delta Agriculture is the nation’s largest industrial supplier of hemp raw goods. Paving the path to a carbon-negative future, Delta Agriculture utilizes the power of the hemp plant to create sustainable alternatives for non-renewable goods like petroleum-based plastics. With farming programs and integrated processing facilities across Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas, Delta Agriculture manages the production of hemp from genetics all the way to distribution and has proprietary, patented technology to process all parts of the hemp plant – flower, grain, and fiber – at scale.

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