Delta Agriculture (Delta Ag) is the largest industrial-scale producer and processor of hemp raw goods in the US. Through our proprietary farming methods, we bring commoditization and scale to an otherwise fractured marketplace. All of our raw goods are derived from American-grown hemp.

In 2020, we grew over 5,000 acres across Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas. Each location includes a centralized processing facility to produce, process and store each constituent component of the hemp plant: FLOWER, FIBER and GRAIN.

We utilize proprietary genetics, researched, grown, and perfected at our 50,000 sq. ft Genetics Lab in Delta, Colorado. Delta Ag is vertically integrated from genetics to raw goods in order to provide end-users with a consistent and stable supply.

Processing Facilities & Farm Programs:
Delta, CO
Slaton, TX
Eddyville, KY

Corporate Offices:
Dallas, TX
Washington DC

Across 3 states and over 10,000 acres this year, Delta Ag employs large-scale, industrial farming, harvesting and processing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that control quality and cost of production at every step. This allows Delta Ag to provide consistent supplies of hemp flower, fiber and grain to end-users at competitive market prices. For the first time, hemp farmers and hemp product manufacturers have a real and standardized supply chain solution.




Delta Ag takes unnecessary expenses out of the equation. We provide our farming teams with the highest-quality seeds, produced through our proprietary genetics program in Delta, Colorado.


Unlike most current hemp producers, Delta Ag employs large-scale farming principles that enable us to farm with scaling and consistency, while removing unnecessary expenses and uneducated brokers.

We take pride in the following:

  • Direct seeding
  • High plant-population densities
  • Row crop farming
  • Mechanical harvesting


Harvesting requires a plan. Delta Ag has the most practical one. Employing its proprietary swathing and baling techniques, Delta Ag can harvest at an unrivaled scale with minimal degradation to the plant.

Instead of wet-baling or hand-harvesting, Delta Ag bales and harvests hemp similar to traditional row crops: utilizing standard industry balers, leading to further downstream efficiencies.


Through Delta Ag’s proprietary raw goods processing infrastructure, we can separate and clean up to 100,000 pounds of hemp biomass per day.

Our process separates stalk, stem, seed and flower. We tailor each of those raw goods to the end-user’s needs. Delta Ag is the first raw goods producer to provide end-users with a specified supply of the following derivatives:

  • Hemp flower
  • CBD Crude Oil
  • CBD Distillate
  • CBD Isolate
  • Decorticated Fiber (bast)
  • Hurd
  • Hemp Grain


To date, hemp product manufacturers have procured supply farm by farm. This piecemealed approach leaves them bogged down by multiple transactions that result in variation and inconsistencies.

By controlling the production of hemp biomass at scale, Delta Ag provides end-users a consistent and hassle-free supply. For the first time ever, manufacturers can order a uniform supply and have it delivered to their specification – when and how they want it.