Delta Agriculture affirms it has no participation in the Delta-8-THC market


DALLASOct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Agriculture, the nation’s largest industrial producer and processor of hemp raw goods, released the following comment regarding the Texas Department of State Health Services’ (DSHS) recent clarification regarding Delta-8-THC, a compound derived from hemp that is not processed or sold by Delta Agriculture.

“Delta Agriculture is proud of the strides that we have taken in industrial hemp production and innovation in the U.S. marketplace. We are passionate about bringing hemp into the mainstream American economy, particularly expanding industrial production of hemp grain and fiber which could meet demand for endless goods that American consumers and industry depend upon daily,” said Delta Agriculture president Graham Owens.

“Given recent developments in Texas and many other states regarding Delta-8, we want to make clear to our farmers, customers, partners, regulators, and the general public that our company does not participate in Delta-8-THC markets in any capacity. We think that Texas DSHS’s position announced last week is a prudent step forward for our industry and that the practical approach of regulating D8 similar to D9 will serve as a meaningful catalyst for hemp grain and fiber production, without reducing the overall growing demand for domestic hemp.

“We believe that grain and fiber production are the future of industrial hemp and as such it makes sense that those aspects of production should fall in a separate regulatory category from hemp flower production. We look forward to working with hemp industry leaders and state and federal policymakers on the best approaches to common sense regulation that protects consumers while allowing for continued growth of the industrial hemp industry.”

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About Delta Agriculture

Delta Agriculture is the nation’s largest industrial supplier of hemp raw goods. Paving the path to a carbon-negative future, Delta Agriculture utilizes the power of the hemp plant to create sustainable alternatives for non-renewable goods like petroleum-based plastics. With farming programs and integrated processing facilities across Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas, Delta Agriculture manages the production of hemp from genetics all the way to distribution and has proprietary, patented technology to process all parts of the hemp plant – flower, grain, and fiber – at scale.

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