Delta Agriculture Discusses Supply Chain Issues Facing Industrial Hemp

COO Nick Strawn and President Graham Owens join Steptoe & Johnson “Supply Chain University” webcast

DALLAS, Texas – Delta Agriculture COO Nick Strawn and President Graham Owens recently joined Steptoe & Johnson’s “Supply Chain University” web series, hosted by Steptoe Partner and Chair of the law firm’s Supply Chain Practice Group, Jeff Weiss. In the episode, Weiss, Strawn, and Owens discussed the supply chain issues facing the industrial hemp industry and what Delta Agriculture is doing to build supply chains from the ground up. The full video can be viewed here and below.


Nick and Graham covered numerous topics in their interview with Jeff Weiss, including:

  • Delta Agriculture’s founding story;
  • The typical customers that Delta Agriculture serves;
  • The challenges and opportunities that Delta Ag has faced in plugging into established manufacturing supply chains;
  • How industrial manufacturing of hemp can help businesses achieve negative carbon output;
  • How Delta Agriculture is combatting misinformation and misunderstandings about hemp vs. marijuana;
  • What industries Delta Agriculture can engage in to fill supply gaps;
  • Policy issues at the federal and state level to help further build out supply chains; and
  • Efforts to streamline regulatory standards.

Steptoe’s Supply Chain University is a recurring webcast that analyzes the legal, policy, and advocacy issues involving supply chains as companies around the world are being forced to navigate challenges that threaten the operation—or, in some cases, the fundamental viability—of their supply chains.

About Delta Agriculture

Delta Agriculture is the nation’s largest industrial supplier of hemp raw goods. Paving the path to a carbon-negative future, Delta Agriculture utilizes the power of the hemp plant to create sustainable alternatives for non-renewable goods like petroleum-based plastics. With farming programs and integrated processing facilities across Colorado, Kentucky, and Texas, Delta Agriculture manages the production of hemp from genetics all the way to distribution and has proprietary, patented technology to process all parts of the hemp plant – flower, grain, and fiber – at scale. A member of the National Industrial Hemp Council of America, Delta Agriculture also invests significant resources in public policy advocacy to support and expand industrial hemp across the U.S. For more information visit

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